What it takes to get that desired Comrades or Two Oceans Medal

Nov 9, 2020

Comrades Marathon training

Many runners will have a goal time in mind when they begin training for the Two Oceans or Comrades Marathon. Others will start targeting a time as their training progresses but it’s important to have a goal and work to a plan, which may look something like this.

  • Make the decision to run Comrades/Two Oceans (commit to the goal)
  • Enter the race (cement the goal)
  • Plan your Comrades/Two Oceans training strategy (work towards the goal)
  • What times do I need to run, to reach or exceed the goal. Break the goal down into manageable bite sizes, i.e. set short term milestones.
  • Stay focused on the goal. Buckle your seat belts, it’s going to be a roller coaster ride.
  • Be accountable (coach/logbook/ training mates), this will help you stay on track to reach your goal.

The runner you are today, is not the runner who will be standing on the start line. You will have undergone a huge transformation during your ultra distance training season.

Your potential Two Oceans/Comrades finish time can be based on your demonstrated race times over a few different distances in the 3-5 month leading up to the race.

Below is a guideline to the race times you need to achieve to reach certain medals. Some runners can run slower times over shorter distances and achieve their desired medal as they are naturally more economical over a longer distance than an average runner. Others will need to run faster over shorter distances as they are less economical the further the distance.

Race times for Comrades medals

Stick to your plan, keep track of your progress and that medal will be within reach.

Michelle Coach Mee

Michelle Coach Mee is an ASA certified coach with over 30 years of Road Running, Duathlon, Triathlon and Cross Country experience. She has also represented Gauteng and South Africa for various athletic disciplines. Read more about Michelle here.

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