TOM 2020 T-Shirts and Buffs: Update

Aug 4, 2020

Update from TOM

Two Oceans Marathon t-shirts


Following the cancellation of TOM 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the TOM NPC confirmed the following:

  • Ultra Marathon: Runners who entered the TOM 2020 Ultra Marathon will receive the #TOM2020 Ultra Marathon shirt which was included in the cost of their entry;
  • Half Marathon: Runners who purchased the TOM 2020 Half Marathon shirt will receive the #TOM2020 Half Marathon shirt;
  • Trail Runs: Runners who entered the TOM 2020 Trail events will receive the TOM 2020 Trail shirt which was included in the cost of their entry;
  • In addition, all entrants in the above-mentioned events will receive a free commemorative Two Oceans Marathon 2020 buff.

Western Cape and Boland Clubs  update

Following emails to all Western Cape and Boland clubs at the end of June and beginning of July 2020, TOM are pleased that ninety-six per cent of all Western Cape clubs have collected their members’ apparel.

TOM are urgently following up with the handful of outstanding clubs who have not yet managed to do so.

Do all entrants receive buffs?

Yes, all successful #TOM2020 entrants receive buffs.

TOM have now taken delivery of the balance of TOM2020 buffs and will be contacting clubs who did not receive their full allocation of buffs in the first round of collection, to kindly collect these buffs.

Once again, due to COVID-19 protocols, this will be by prior appointment only.

Why do a handful of runners not appear on club lists?

There have not been very few of these instances. Where this does occur, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • You did not indicate your club at the time of entering, in which case you are treated as a temp-licensed runner for the purposes of TOM 2020 T-shirt/buff distribution.
  • You changed clubs subsequent to the cancellation, but made no update to your race profile on the TOM Entry System. Your T-shirt and/or buff is sent to the club you belonged to at the time of entering.
  • You subbed out your entry successfully as an ultra marathon entrant, meaning that the entrant who took over your entry consequently receives the T-shirt.
  • There are also one or two other anomalies we have become aware of.

Your club chairperson is free to raise any queries directly with TOM, or you email

TOM 2020 Trail Run entrants


TOM will contact you shortly regarding adding or updating your address on the TOM Entry system, so that they can commence with Trail Run T-shirt distribution.

There is no need to wait for their mail – please log in to your profile here to update or add your physical residential address. Alternatively, copy and paste the following URL into your browser:

National Clubs (non-WPA/Boland)

Subsequent to their letter to all clubs on 16 July 2020, TOM are pleased to confirm that close to fifty percent of the consignments for national clubs have been packed.

They are in the process of being double-checked and leave the TOM offices from mid-week (5 August) onwards.

South African temp-licensed runners

Kindly update your physical residential address by logging in to your profile here, or copy and paste the following URL into your browser:

TOM will be packing your T-shirt and/or buff during next week, as they prepare to get your apparel to you. Please look out for an e-mail from them soon.


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