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20 signs you may be a runner

Jun 2, 2020

Runners are a very special breed of people and we can get just a teeny bit obsessive about our favourite pastime. But let’s be honest, life is better when you run. It doesn’t matter how far or how fast. Here are some signs that may mean you’re one of us.

You know you're a runner when

You know you’re a runner when:

1. Your running watch is your most expensive piece of jewellery.

2. You know exactly where one kilometre from home is in any direction.

3. You have no fear of porta potties, and you’ve even been very happy to see one before.

4. You judge distance by whether it’s runnable.

5. You’ve declined social invitations on a Friday night because Saturday is your long run day.

6. You’re stuck in traffic and think, “I could have run there by now”.

7. Race fees are accounted for in your monthly budget.

8. Saturday mornings are earlier than Monday.

9. You know how to correctly spell and pronounce plantar fasciitis.

10. You drive a new route and think, “This would be a great road to run on”.

11. You have more running clothes than work clothes in your laundry pile.

12. You understand words like fartlek, pronation and cadence, and you love to talk about them.

13. You’ve run on more of your local roads than you’ve driven.

14. You find safety pins everywhere – car, handbag, kit-bag, laundry basket, nightstand, random drawers, everywhere.

15. You hate walking because you know you could get there so much faster if you ran.

16. You pack more running clothes than bathing suits for a beach holiday.

17. You smirk when non-runners ask, “So how long is your marathon?”

18. You’ve lost a toenail – and not been shy to show people.

19. Your solution for feeling tired is to go for a run.

20. You think it’s perfectly acceptable to run back and forth in front of your house to get your distance to a round number.

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